What we're all about

Simple online Solutions


  • To turn clients into fans, we must surprise and delight them; exceeding their expectations when possible.
  • A client should be enjoyable to work with, pay swiftly and not require excessive/unfair use of our resources.
  • Relationships matter. They require regular communication, engaging in a timely and valuable way.
  • We will never sell or recommend anything that we wouldn’t use ourselves.
  • The end result is more important than the time taken to get there.
  • We must always provide more value than the amount we receive.


  • We believe in self promoting, self growing solutions.
  • Our software must never require substantial sales, service or support teams.
  • It’s better to have limited functionality that works, than multiple functionality that doesn’t.
  • Our goal is to help people to:
    a) Make money
    b) Have fun
    c) Save time
    d) Gain knowledge